What needs PAT testing?


What needs PAT testing?

If you are looking to arrange PAT testing (electrical equipment testing) for your office, shop or school, you will be asked how many units need testing.

If you are new to PAT testing you may not be sure what to say. 

Broadly speaking, any electrical equipment that is plugged into a power source (for example, a socket) counts as a unit and will need PAT testing.
This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Phone chargers
  • Kettle
  • Microwaves

This short guide will go into detail about what needs testing as part of your company’s PAT testing procedures.

There are a few weird and wonderful things we're asked to test for our customers too!

Does equipment that isn’t portable need testing?

Yes, and this is where the term ‘PAT testing’ (portable appliance testing) can be misleading. 

You still need to test large immovable equipment like vending machines and towel rails.

Remember – if you have to plug a piece of equipment into a socket, you need to include it in your PAT testing arrangements.

Is there anything that doesn’t need PAT testing?

If you have electrical equipment that runs off batteries rather than the mains (for example a wireless keyboard or mouse), you don’t need to test this.

Some equipment may not be able to be tested under regular PAT procedures. For example, medical equipment in hospitals needs specialist testing.

Would cordless equipment (e.g. a cordless drill or vacuum cleaner) need testing?

Technically no, as these are wireless appliances. 

However, their battery chargers would need testing as these plug into the wall to charge the equipment.

Does new equipment need PAT testing?

You don’t need to test new equipment as it should meet legal safety standards.

If it arrives and you have concerns that it is not safe, a PAT test can give you peace of mind.

Does new electrical equipment need PAT testing?

Stay safe when buying electrical equipment online

Does second-hand equipment need PAT testing?

Like new equipment, second-hand equipment must be supplied in a safe condition.

If you are unsure, a PAT test can reassure you it is safe before you use it. 

Does hire equipment need PAT testing?

If you have hired a piece of equipment for over a week, it is your responsibility to ensure it is safe for use.

Does hire equipment need PAT testing?

Do plug sockets and extension leads need testing?

Extension leads and cables need to be PAT tested, as they plug into sockets.

Sockets that are in the wall do not need PAT testing, but you do need to arrange for them to be inspected under EICR.

If you are looking for a company to carry out your PAT testing, we are here to help.

We provide a professional and cost-effective testing service across the UK and Ireland, helping to keep your business compliant and safe.

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