Thermal Imaging

The 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations place a ‘duty of care’ on employers and landlords to maintain electrical systems to prevent dangerous situations occurring. 

Thermal imaging is a crucial part of maintenance as it can detect faults in your system that may otherwise go unnoticed. A thermographic survey is one of the simplest and most accurate ways to monitor and predict when a system might fail. 

We can carry out a thorough thermographic survey for you to identify potential dangers. We’ll also recommend ways to repair the problem so you’re not left worrying about what to do next. 

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How does thermal imaging work? 

Thermal imaging uses a powerful infrared camera to detect heat. Electrical parts that are damaged or showing signs of damage will give off heat which the camera will be able to pick up. Our engineers will then be able to tell if your system is giving off a worrying amount of heat and if further action is needed. 

Because thermal imaging doesn’t require you to switch off your systems or isolate power, it’s ideal for places like schools, hospitals and prisons where switching off the power isn’t an option. 

What will I receive? 

Once our engineer has finished the inspection, you will receive a thermal imaging report which includes: 

  • All images taken during the testing. 
  • Emissivity levels 
  • Temperature 

How often do I need to do a thermal imaging survey? 

We recommend you have a thermographic survey carried out annually. 

This will ensure that none of your equipment deteriorates too severely and means we’ll be able to identify faults quicker.