Fire Risk Assessments

A fire risk assessment determines what you need to do to prevent fire and keep the occupants of your premises safe. 

It covers things like emergency routes and exits, fire detection systems, emergency evacuation plans and fire fighting equipment. 

We can carry out an extensive fire risk assessment to help you understand your level of risk, what work needs to be done and why. We provide you with a written report that meets regulatory requirements and is something for you to act on. 

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Importance of fire risk assessments 

A fire risk assessment helps make it clear to you what you need to do in the event of a fire. If you don’t, you could be putting people’s lives at risk and face fines or even imprisonment. 

A fire risk assessment helps you: 

  1. Identify fire hazards 
  2. Pinpoint the people at risk 
  3. Evaluate, reduce or completely remove the risks 
  4. Prepare an emergency plan and provide training 

How often do fire risk assessments need to be done? 

The guidance on how often you need to carry out fire risk assessments is vague. You’re simply required to do it ‘regularly’ which we recommend is at least once a year. 

If there are any significant changes to your premises or the number of occupants, it will be worthwhile carrying out another fire risk assessment even if it’s before the annual date. 

How long are fire risk assessments valid for? 

Fire risk assessments are valid until you carry out the next one. And considering you need to do this regularly, your fire risk assessment results should be no more than one year old. 

If there have been no significant changes which could impact your fire risk assessment, you may just need to review it. 

Who is responsible for carrying out fire risk assessments? 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the responsible person of a non-domestic premises to carry out a fire risk assessment. 

A responsible person is often the employer or owner of the workplace. They also have to be competent and confident in carrying out a fire risk assessment. 

However we appreciate that you’re busy trying to run your business, which is why we’ll come and conduct a fire risk assessment for you, with minimal interruption. 

Do landlords need to carry out fire risk assessments? 

If you’re the landlord of a non-domestic property or own a business that has paying guests, you are the responsible person and need to conduct, or hire someone to conduct, a fire risk assessment