Fire Alarm Testing and Servicing

Current regulations state that all business premises have a fire detection system so that in event of a fire, staff, visitors and residents are alerted and can quickly vacate the building.

For most buildings, this means a fire alarm system. 

If you have fire alarms on your premises, they must be tested and inspected by a ‘competent person’ to ensure that they work correctly.

British Standard 5839 advises that fire alarm systems are thoroughly tested every six months, but you should have your system tested more frequently if you are responsible for a large or high-risk building.

Servicing your fire alarm keeps your fire alarm in working order and also prevents the risk of false alarms. False alarms can lose businesses time and money, especially if the fire brigade charges for a call-out.

As the person responsible for fire safety, you could be liable for an unlimited fine or a two-year prison sentence if you do not follow regulations.

Hawkesworth can help with your fire alarm testing and servicing requirements. Our skilled engineers will test your fire alarm system, providing you with a fire alarm report and logging results in your fire safety logbook.

If you need a comprehensive review of your fire systems or are unsure of what type of fire alarm you need, we can also provide you with a fire risk assessment.

Why choose Hawkesworth for your fire alarm testing requirements?

  • We are fully experienced and accredited: All of our assessors are experienced in fire alarm testing, many with decades of experience in the industry
  • We provide the same exceptional service, no matter the size of your business: We have experience of supplying fire alarm testing to multi-site companies, through to the smallest sole traders
  • We offer a free reminder service: Don’t worry about forgetting to get your fire alarm tested as we provide a courtesy reminder service
  • We’re a one-stop-shop for your businesses safety requirements: As well as fire alarm testing; we provide a range of services including:
  • We provide expert advice, any time you need it: We keep all of our customers up to date with the latest industry developments, so you are fully informed at all times

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