1 in 12 people leave their phone charging under their pillow


1 in 12 people leave their phone charging under their pillow

1 in 12 people in the UK leave their phone charging under their pillow when they go to sleep.

We polled 150 people, asking them where they charged their phone in the evening.

Eight per cent of the people we asked admitted to charging their phone under a pillow, with over 80% of people stating that they leave their phone charging on a bedside table.

Although leaving your phone under your pillow can be convenient, especially if you like to check your phone before you go to sleep, it can be dangerous.

Darren Tonge, Sales Director at Hawkesworth said: “Phones and phone chargers can easily overheat if they are covered up, setting fire to pillowcases and duvets. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if the blaze spreads to the rest of the home.

“If you need to charge your phone overnight, place it on a hard surface like a bedside table in a well-ventilated area and don’t use a phone charger cable if it is damaged or frayed.”

Results of the survey:

Pie chart - where do you charge your phone

“Where do you leave your phone charging when you go to sleep?”

  • “Under my pillow” – 8%
  • “On my bedside table” – 81%
  • “Downstairs” – 6%
  • “Other” – 5% - answers included “on the floor” and “I don’t leave my phone on charge overnight”

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