Working from Home? Hawkesworth can help!


Out of hours PAT testing at no additional cost

It is the case that a proportion of people are currently working from home.  It is imperative to ensure your work station is SAFE and that you are not putting yourself at risk.  Electrical Safety First has recently found that more than two thirds of those currently working from home are using extension leads or adaptors with an electronic device and worryingly more than 1 in 3 are either unaware of the risks of overloading plug sockets or how tocheck whether they're doing so.  

Even more concerning is that 44% of those currently working from home admit to "Daisy Chaining" them together, which involves plugging oneextension into another in order to reach further or plug more appliances in, and is advised against in all circumstances.

Hawkesworth can attend your home to ensure that your work station is safe following our COVID-19 Risk Assessments.  Please call one of Account Managers on 01845 524498 for more information.