Why product registration’s so important

How do I register my product?

You should find details of how to register your product included alongside the instructions for how to operate and maintain it. But, remember, even if you’ve had the item for a while and have long since lost the associated paperwork, it is still possible for you to register it.

The easiest way to register your product is to go online to the “Register My Appliance” website, which has links to all of the major electronics manufacturers. It should take just a couple of minutes – a worthy investment of your time given the long-term peace of mind it provides.

In order to register your product, you’ll usually need:

  • The brand name
  • The model (usually either a name or a number)
  • The serial number
  • The date of purchase (or as near to it as you can remember)

Why should I register my electrical product?

Registering your product makes it possible for the manufacturer to easily get in touch with you if it turns out that the item you’ve bought is somehow faulty or dangerous.

Electrical products – especially chargers, adaptors, haircare appliances, kettles, irons and toasters – are recalled more regularly than you might think, but typically only 10-20% of these recalled products are actually returned and/or repaired.

This is largely down to the fact that the manufacturer often has no way of directly contacting those who purchased the item in question. Consequently, each year, millions of potentially unsafe appliances remain in use, putting their owners at risk of electrical shocks, fires or even death.

Source: Electrical Safety First