Over the last six years Chargers and Adaptors are the most recalled electrical products

  • 15 September,2017
  • News

Figures from Electrical Wholesaler show that Chargers and Adaptors are the most recalled electrical products over the last six years at 28%

  • Out of 14 electrical product categories, there were 358 electrical product recalls between 2011-2016
  • Of the 358, 44% were recalled because the product, components or an element of it had the sole risk of an electrical shock
  • Chargers & adaptors had the highest percentage of product recalls at 28%
  • Communication & media equipment, and cooking and domestic appliances had the joint lowest percentage of products recalled at just 1% each

A product recall is usually a request to return a product after a safety issue or defect has been found, which can be potentially very dangerous. The prospective dangers can include – risk of an electric shock, fire, explosion, injury and overheating.

An electrical product can become subject to a product recall for several reasons. It could be due to the way an electrical product is made – which could be down to a design flaw, use of inadequate materials, poor construction and faulty internal components.

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Utilising information from Electrical Safety First, OnBuy.com analysed how many electrical products and which category of goods were recalled between 2011-2016.

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