Hawkesworth urges you to ‘look for the label’

Hawkesworth is encouraging people from all across the country to let them know when they spot one of their distinctive labels in a brand new social media competition.

The purple and white labels, put on electrical equipment when it passes its annual PAT inspection, can be spotted on a range of different products including computer monitors, vending machines and printers.

Michael Kiddle, Deputy Managing Director at Hawkesworth said: “When our staff start working with us, we always tell them that they will start to see our labels everywhere they go. We’ve spotted Hawkesworth labels in shops, supermarkets and leisure centres, as well as on the news, on television shows and in films.

“We carry out over seven million PAT tests a year, so there are a lot of labels out there to find.”

Hawkesworth spotted one of its labels on the news recently when MP for Richmond and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak was in Lewis and Coopers, a gourmet food shop in Northallerton. The label was on the shop’s Point of Sale unit.

Rishi Sunak in Lewis and Coopers

Michael continued: “A Hawkesworth PAT testing label is a sign that your organisation is fully compliant with health and safety regulations. By looking for the label, you will know that a company is dedicated to keeping its staff and customers safe.”

How to send in your photos

If you’d like to send in your photos of Hawkesworth labels you see on your travels, you can do this in several different ways:

Photos will be promoted on Hawkesworth’s website, newsletter and social media accounts, with a prize for the best spot. 

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