Hawkesworth expands to offer Fixed Wire Testing

For health and safety reasons all organisations should check and test their fixed wire installations at regular intervals to minimise the risk caused by faulty electrical equipment to people using their premises. Fire damage costs millions of pounds for the repair of buildings – and in compensation if there have been casualties or fatalities due to Health and Safety failings.

This latest move by Hawkesworth – a progression from its unrivalled experience in appliance testing – offers quality assured, fixed wire services for sectors from retail to hospitality, which can include weekend or out of hours testing, particularly beneficial for the education sector by avoiding disruption to classes.

As a single supplier for testing electrical equipment Hawkesworth, the UK’s largest independent PAT company, offers current PAT testing customers a cost-effective streamlined service which can cover multiple sites.

Darren Tonge, Sales and Marketing Director at Hawkesworth, said: “By carrying out high quality fixed wire testing we aim to identify potential dangers and to prevent any future problems, saving our customers valuable time and money.”

Defective or counterfeit portable or fixed wire electrical equipment can prove costly and disruptive, both financially and for a firm’s reputation. Regular and robust maintenance of electrical appliances should be a crucial strategy for protecting buildings, employees and visitors.

The PAT testing provided by Hawkesworth for portable electrical appliances include mobile phone chargers, kettles, microwave ovens, vacuum and floor cleaners, extension leads, heaters, air-conditioning units, televisions, laptops and even powered tools such as electric drills. Technology-based items such as photocopiers, printers, fax machines and desktop computers are also tested.

With over 20 years’ experience in PAT Testing, Hawkesworth is fully accredited to ISO9001/ISO14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 and can provide out of hours’ services at no extra cost, as well as unique ID labels backed up by full asset register and certification.