What is hard wire testing?


What is hard wire testing?

EICR inspections are known by a variety of different names. One of the commonly used alternative terms for EICR that you may hear is ‘hard wire testing’.

Other definitions include ‘fixed wire testing’, ‘periodic inspection’ and ‘electrical safety certificate’.

Why hard wire testing?

EICR inspections are often referred to as 'hard wire testing' because installations like light fittings, fuse boxes and plug sockets are ‘hard wired’ into the building and cannot be easily moved.

Hard wire testing involves the inspection and testing of an electrical installation in a building. Once the testing is complete, a report is provided detailing if any parts of the electrical installation are faulty.

If you want to know more about hard wire testing, whether for a residential or commercial property, we have put together some guides that will help.

Information about hard wire testing for residential landlords

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