Four things you need to consider when bringing electric vehicles into your business


Four things you need to consider when bringing electric vehicles into your business

More and more companies are committing to electric vehicles (EVs) than ever before.

Making a move to electric vehicles doesn’t have to be daunting. Here is our guide to what you need to consider if you want to introduce EVs to your business.

1.    Your company fleet

Electric vehicles can help you save money over time, but if you already have diesel or petrol cars in place, you may choose to keep them going until it is time to replace them.

Buy-in from management and drivers is essential. You will need to make them aware of legislation changes and how electric vehicles differ from what they may be used to driving.

You will also need to have several electric charge points available at offices and depots. You won’t need one for every vehicle on your fleet, but you will need enough to ensure that everyone can charge their vehicle before visiting customers or attending calls.

2.    Your employees

Offering electric vehicles to employees can be a morale booster for staff, as well as a tangible benefit you can provide during recruitment.

An excellent way to do this is by offering an EV salary sacrifice scheme. This lets staff pay for an electric vehicle each month with their gross salary, saving money before tax. 

Having electric vehicle charging points at work means that staff can save time and money. They can charge their cars as they work, returning to a fully charged vehicle at the end of the day!

3.    Your building

If you lease your building, you will need permission from your landlord before installing charging points.

You will also need to check your power supply, especially if you are in an older building. You may need to make changes to your distribution board to accommodate your new charge points.

4.    Your visitors

Offering charging facilities can give visitors a great incentive to visit your business, meaning that they can spend more time and money with you.
You will need to factor this into the number of charges points you have installed. 

You’ll also need to determine whether you want to offer charging as a free or paid-for service.

Looking for EV charging points for your business?

Hawkesworth can help with your charge point installation and maintenance if you are considering electric vehicles in your organisation.

We’ll work with you to help determine how many chargers you need and where they need to be installed. 

We work with a wide range of different installers, meaning that we will help you pick the best charging point for your needs.

As well as installation services, we also offer maintenance, meaning that your EV charge points will not let you, your staff or visitors down.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can get started.

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