Five year fixed wire testing: How often landlords should renew their EICR


Five year fixed wire testing: How often landlords should renew their EICR

As you may be aware, the fixed wire testing laws for landlords will change in April 2021.

By 1 April 2021, all landlords in England must have a valid fixed wire testing certificate (also known as EICR or an electrical safety certificate) in place.

You must renew this fixed wire testing certificate every five years by law.

Why must fixed wire testing be carried out every five years?

How often should I get fixed wire testing?

The frequency fixed wire testing takes place varies from industry to industry. It can be anything from one year to ten years.

Generally speaking, the higher the risk, the more often fixed wire testing must take place.

For example, medical areas of hospitals must be examined every year. This is because these areas use a lot of flammable gases and chemicals. Sparks from a faulty electrical installation could pose a dangerous fire hazard.

Swimming pools must also be tested every year. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination so any electrical installations must be kept safe, to protect members of the public.

Factories must be tested every three years. This is because factories are more likely to have dusty, moist environments that may damage electrical installations. Dust can also accumulate in electrical installations, further increasing the risk of fire.

Fixed wire testing in rental properties

For rental properties, fixed wire testing must take place every five years, the same frequency as schools, offices and shops. A faulty electrical installation in these environments can cause a dangerous fire or electric shock, but the risk is not as high as the working environments mentioned above.

Although it is not legally required, we would also recommend that you get your fixed wire testing certificate renewed when there is a change in tenancy. This will allow you to ensure that no dangerous faults are awaiting any brand new tenants.

Find out more in our guide to fixed wire testing (EICR) for landlords

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