The Government announce response to Fire Safety Consultation


The Government announce response to Fire Safety Consultation

The UK Government has announced that anyone caught breaching fire safety regulations could face unlimited fines.

The Fire Safety Consultation took place in the summer of 2020, helping to inform the Government how to improve fire safety for tenants.

As well as the fines for people breaching fire safety regulations, the penalties will also apply to anyone caught obstructing or impersonating a fire inspector.

These measures will become part of the new Building Safety Bill which will soon be introduced to Parliament. 

Government’s response to the Fire Safety Consultation

The Fire Safety Bill, which is set to replace the Fire Safety Order 2005, is in the final stages of having its exact wording agreed on. When this has been done, the Bill will receive Royal Assent and become an Act of Parliament. 

We will provide more information about both bills and what they will mean for landlords and businesses shortly.

Make sure your building is protected

At Hawkesworth, our fire assessors are fully qualified and aware of all changes to legislation.

This means you can be confident your fire risk assessment will keep your building and most importantly its occupants, safe.

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