NorthGene - Electrical equipment testing in laboratories

When you work in electrical equipment testing, you can test a wide range of equipment, from laptops and printers to photo booths!

One of the specialist industries we test equipment for is scientific laboratories, helping to keep delicately calibrated and expensive equipment safe and reliable, especially when used in highly accredited laboratories.

Find out more about the work we do with NorthGene to keep their onsite laboratory running smoothly.

NorthGene - Electrical equipment testing in laboratories


About NorthGene

Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NorthGene provides DNA relationship testing to a wide range of customers across the UK including private clients, law firms, family courts, Universities, the NHS and Public Health England.

DNA samples can be collected at home, at NorthGene, or at a GP’s or solicitor’s office. The samples are then sent to the laboratory for analysis.

The issue

Laboratories contain a wide range of sensitive laboratory equipment. As this equipment is workflow critical and expensive to replace, it needs to be checked regularly to ensure it doesn’t malfunction. If the equipment does malfunction, it can be repaired before it becomes unusable.

Laboratories also handle biological specimens that need to be managed with care. Damaged equipment could overheat, spark or stop working, which runs the risk of compromising or damaging DNA samples.

The solution

Hawkesworth provides electrical equipment testing (also known as PAT testing) to NorthGene on an annual basis, testing the company’s office equipment and laboratory platforms.

Our engineers test a range of equipment including freezers, UV cabinets, microscopes, centrifuges and block heaters to ensure they are compliant and safe. If our engineers identify a piece of equipment that is not working as it should, they can fix minor issues onsite or quarantine malfunctioning items so NorthGene can get them repaired.

As laboratories have stricter health and safety regulations than other buildings, we are happy to comply with any additional guidance requested such as engineers wearing specific PPE and additional security clearance.

We also create specialised risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) to factor in these additional health and safety issues.

"We’ve been working with Hawkesworth for several years and are delighted with the level of service we receive. The engineer is always professional and mindful of their surroundings, and supplies us with a detailed report after the work is done" - Paul Cherry, Operations Manager.

Wherever you are based and the industry you work in, Hawkesworth can help keep your equipment safe.

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